Posted: Nov 15, 2010 3:24 pm
by darwin2
Weaver wrote:
darwin2 wrote:
Weaver wrote:
Yeah, right, just as there is no evidence to prove that there isn't a china teapot circling the Sun in Earth orbit. Like we haven't heard that before.

Here's a hint: Don't try to tell us how we should act on our rational website when you are making blind, irrational assertions and expecting people to go along with them.

Name one blind irrational statement I have made and describe why it is irrational!

Your assessment that the likelihood of consciousness surviving after brain death is blind (as it's based on absolutely no evidence at all) and irrational (because the assessment of 50:50 odds is simply not supportable without any evidence or methodology for consciousness outside the brain).

You are making a red herring out of 50:50 odds and over-looking the basic reality of this thread. We humans are going to die at some point in this very short existence. Either death ends consciousness or it survives it. If consciousness survives I suggest for one who finds himself in an after death reality to use the scientific method to explore whatever death reality one may find himself in.