Posted: Nov 15, 2010 7:19 pm
by my_wan
darwin2 wrote:I agree we only have evidence of consciousness existing in living beings but that does not mean that consciousness does not continue after death.

The same logic says the lack of evidence does not mean Alpha Centauri does not have a planet made of cheese.

darwin2 wrote:Presently we only have evidence that intelligent life lives on our planet. We have no evidence that intelligent life exists anywhere else in our universe.

Actually we do. We actually know one example of a planet that has intelligent life, Earth. This is actual real observable evidence that immeasurably trumps the lack of evidence for life after death.

darwin2 wrote:However we can safely say it is possible that intelligent life may exist somewhere else in the universe.

Yes, but only because the evidence, however insufficient it is to make claims on, is in fact real and observable evidence.

darwin2 wrote:It is not a reasonable inference to say that consciousness requires a living material body to exist. Rather we can conclude that if consciousness continues after death it will require some form and whatever form it will take is the form it will be.

Yes, which makes it in principle observable. Making the lack of evidence an even bigger problem for life after death considerations. That's also why I made the comment on the issue of finding myself alive after death was: I wonder if I can play games with the SETI people.

darwin2 wrote:If consciousness ceases at death, I agree that investigating post mortem consciousness is doomed. However if consciousness continues after death, the evidence will be abundant. And at this point in time the scientific reality is that it is possible for consciousness can survive death. And please note I am not stating consciousness survives death. I am only stating it is possible for consciousness to survive death.

Although I think the odds are too outrageous to take even a little seriously, as a matter of principle I don't see a problem with your statements here. Except perhaps one of implied probability scale implied by "possible". There is always a bleeding edge to probability, which makes winning the lottery 10 times in a row look like good odds.