Posted: Nov 15, 2010 7:23 pm
by darwin2
Goldenmane wrote:
darwin2 wrote:You are making a red herring out of 50:50 odds and over-looking the basic reality of this thread. We humans are going to die at some point in this very short existence. Either death ends consciousness or it survives it. If consciousness survives I suggest for one who finds himself in an after death reality to use the scientific method to explore whatever death reality one may find himself in.

I suggest that your position as presented is patent bollocks.

For a start, it's poorly presented: learn to parse your sentences, mate. Secondly, you have to define "consciousness": you're going to run in to a lot of problems doing so, the most obvious one being demonstrating a single well-recorded instance of a "conscious mind" existing absent a physical substrate - brain.

Were you conscious before, say, the age of 18 months? Do you remember actual events back then or before? How about in your past lives? Can you actually provide anything other than wild speculation and patent bullshit to support your claims?

Good luck, I look forward to your challenges.

First of all, I don't claim to be a great or good writer. What you see is what you get. If this doesn't meet your standards either ignore my posts or go to some other thread.

Second, I defined consciousness to you in a previous post.

Third, I never made a claim that I can demonstrate a single well-recorded instance of a "conscious mind" existing absent a physical substrate - brain.

Fourth, I did make the scientific statement that it is possible for consciousness to continue after death. If consciousness continues after death it will exist in whatever form it finds itself in after death. And that Sir is a correct scientific statement.

Fifth,In your question “what about your past lives?” you imply I have had past lives and that you have some psychic powers that has revealed to you I have had past lives. Come on Sir, let’s get real here. I respect your right to believe in reincarnation and past lives but this thread is not about past lives, it is only about the possibility of consciousness surviving death in this life.