Posted: Nov 15, 2010 8:15 pm
by trubble76
darwin2 wrote:
rJD wrote:
darwin2 wrote:Science has arrogantly brainwashed many into to falsely believing it is not possible for consciousness to continue after death.

What utter bollocks! Science has provided the evidence of how the brain appears to be necessary for consciousness, rendering earlier speculation about souls and dualistic existance as unnecessary. As a result of that better understanding, and in the absence of any example of a consciousness without a brain, it is the rational conclusion that a brain appears to be necessary. The question is not whether it is "possible" for consciousness to exist without a brain but whether we have any reason to believe it is.

It takes courage to face up to this delusion and realize it is possible for consciousness to continue after death.

More bollocks. The idea of life after death is a comforter, a security blanket for those who find the idea of their existance coming to an end upsetting. It takes no courage whatsoever to give up reality in favour of a comforting delusion.

Sir, Science has never demonstrated that it is impossible for consciousness to exist outside the brain. It has done great things in explaining how the brain works. Science tries to brainwash people like you into believing that it is impossible for consciousness to exist without a brain. Obviously they have been successful. I find this brainwashing by fundamental scientists equivalent to fundamental preachers brainwashing their followers into believing that the bible is the written infallible word of God.

It takes courage to seek the truth especially when you have been brainwashed into believing a delusion. It especially takes courage when those in your social environment are totally committed to a specific delusion that you have found to be wrong.

Oh, it's the "well you can't disprove it." argument. It's been done to death a million times. For someone that professes to know about science, I'm surprised that you have been caught out by it. Science does not brainwash, it can't. It wouldn't be science if it washed any brains. Religion on the other hand, is quite well known for it's brainwashing. This too is fairly obvious, but again, it seems to have exposed you.
When you have sought the meaning and consequences of peer-review, you will then see that delusion is not something that taints science as readily as it permeates religion.
Your post is just mudslinging, you are just trotting out old, childish arguments and somehow expect us to be impressed by them, and you called those that require evidence deluded. I think jebus had something to say about planks in eyes that is relevant.