Posted: Nov 16, 2010 12:07 am
by darwin2
orpheus wrote:
darwin2 wrote:
chairman bill wrote:By what mechanism would consciousness survive death? How did consciousness develop an ability to survive death? Does it exist pre-incarnation, or does it develop in an organism until such time as it is able to survive on its own? Where is it whilst we are alive? Where does it go when we are dead? What evolutionary advantage is there to the post-death survival of consciousness?

Rather than start from a position of fanciful imagining, then seeking to make facts fit, it might be better to identify the facts, such as we can know them, then hypothesise & test, developing a theory to account for the data revealed by empirical study. Just a thought.

Those are excellent questions but they miss the purpose of this thread.  The purpose of this thread is to call attention to the reality that it is possible for consciousness to continue after death and If it does to offer a suggestion of a possible method, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, to enable a surviving conscious person to explore such a reality if it indeed exists.  All of your questions are great but are not relevant to the purpose of this thread.

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You keep saying that, and I wonder if you and many of us are talking at cross purposes. So- what exactly do you mean by "it is possible"? That nobody has proved it impossible? That you've thought of a way it could happen? What?

Possible means it could take place. Yes I thought of a way it could happen. I die and find myself conscious in an after death reality.