Posted: Nov 16, 2010 5:08 pm
by Weaver
OK, I'm going to take another stab at this - tell me if I'm on the right track, won't you?

It's possible that, when we die, we will suddenly learn the reality of the afterlife. It is further possible that this afterlife will involve running about in huge marijuana fields. This is not a time to be alarmed - it is quite unlikely that one would have to take drug tests in the afterlife. But the large quantities of marijuana should be viewed as being put there for your pleasure - and you should take advantage of it. Look around yourself ... be aware of your surroundings. Any lightning strikes in the area? Any flint nodules, which could be used to strike a spark? If quantities are sufficient, simply piling the buds on a small fire should provide the necessary smoke, although fashioning a pipe shouldn't be difficult.

Now, we are all rationalists here (geez, THAT was hard to type with a straight face ... but I digress). We should logically consider the appropriate course of action to assess and deal with our surroundings. Given the large quantities of marijuana, and the presumed presence of fire, only one method suggests itself. Lamaze.

Deep, cleansing breaths. Draw them in and hold, then pant when exhaling. You should feel separated from any pain, yet have a deep awareness of yourself and what is happening.

It's all possible, isn't it? After all, we have evidence that marijuana exists in this world. In fact, it cannot be proven that marijuana doesn't exist in an afterlife - so I assess the odds as 50%:50%. Pretty good chance to roll up a spliff after you're dead - after all, that's a great time to get mellow about things, isn't it?
Once again - sounds pretty fucking stupid, doesn't it? Notice the similarities?