Posted: Nov 16, 2010 5:11 pm
by Weaver
darwin2 wrote:
Weaver wrote:
darwin2 wrote:

I apologize Sir. I wasn't aware of the fact that some humans don't die. Obviously you are more informed than me. I have been brainwashed into believing all humans die. I want to go back to my grammar school, high school and college and present my teachers with the evidence that you have that supports the fact that some humans don't die. I am going to kick some butt. The nerve of those schools teaching me that all humans die. It is no wonder our education system is in deep trouble.

Can you PROVE that all humans must die?

Of course not - proving a negative is impossible. But you must therefore grant that, while unlikely, it is POSSIBLE for a human to live forever, right? Don't go on about what you learned in school, or what science says - these are the same people telling everyone that consciousness is a function of a living brain, and stops when the brain stops. They have no proof, and can not get it until they die - at which point it may be too late. But if we simply find a human who lives forever, he will (or she will) be able to learn the answer in time.

Yeah - it sounds stupid. It's meant to. It's just like your argument that consciousness could survive the brain's death - it's POSSIBLE. Technically, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE ... but that doesn't mean it isn't pointless to even discuss it, without at least a hypothesized mechanism of action to make the possiblity within the realm of reality.

Yes, it is possible that humans may attain immortality. Ray Kurzweil thinks it is possible and I agree with him. If this happens according to scientists like Kurzweil, human intelligence will be light years ahead of what it is now. If there is an afterlife I believe humans who have reached that high level of intelligence will have had the technology to study the after physical life and may have the ability to decide if they want to stay in their physical form or enter an afterlife form if it exists. If this turns out to true, they will choose whatever form gives them the most satisfaction.

Ah, but according to your "logic", humans could be immortal right now! In fact, every single person you know could be immortal - and anyone you think died could have actually gone off to live in East Timor without your knowledge!

Anything is possible, after all ...

Don't you see yet that unbridled pursuit of the "possible", without rational limits imposed by observed reality, doesn't lead anywhere?