Posted: Mar 13, 2011 4:48 pm
by Paul Almond
iamthereforeithink wrote:Why doesn't this guy just jump to a parallel universe where he is already a billionaire, rather than milking hapless gullible people of $197 each?

Ideally, he would set up some device to buy a lottery ticket online, automatically, with the numbers chosen being determined by a series of quantum events. He would have himself made unconscious temporarily, with the machine set to generate the numbers and buy the ticket just before the draw, with a device set up to blow his brains out if his numbers don't come up. If many-worlds is true, his future would branch into many futures, in which he bought every possible lottery ticket, and he would only ever wake up in worlds in which he had won: in other worlds he would have his brains blown out while asleep when his ticket loses. So maybe he can say that the worlds in which he loses are ones in which he will never make observations, and so he can disregard them?

It may seem that this is a very clever idea because it somehow allows him to manufacture a lottery win.

Really, though, I was thinking that this is a very clever idea because it gets rid of him and his nasty little business.