Posted: Mar 13, 2011 5:15 pm
by Arcanyn
I don't think you could win the lottery that way if the many world's interpretation is true. Whatever numbers are randomly chosen, a person will survive until the lottery is drawn. If at this point, it is determined that the wrong numbers were chosen, there are still possible worlds in which the person survives - there is a tiny chance that when a bullet is fired at a person's head, a tiny piece of the bullet will quantum tunnel through their head without harming them (with the rest of the bullet causing major but non-fatal brain damage). This is far, far more probable than the entire bullet quantum tunneling through their head and leaving them unscathed - their chances of ending up in that world are negligible. So the most likely outcome would be that the person will find themselves in a world in which they sustain catastrophic brain damage, but just enough of the bullet passes through them harmlessly that they avoid dying from it.