Posted: Mar 13, 2011 6:10 pm
by iamthereforeithink
Paul Almond wrote:Hang on. Wouldn't such futures be a tiny proportion of the futures in which you are alive? Let's say this is the Uk lottery, with a chance of winning the main prize of 1 in 14 million. That suggests that out of all the possible futures you could have, some of them are from the group of one in 14 million situations in which you win, and some are from the group of situations in which you lose, but some freak event saves you, but in a horribly maimed way. Given that the latter would be probably less likely to happen to you than the 1 in 14 million chance of a lottery win, should we not expect that such futures will actually be rare, in comparison to the ones in which you simply won the lottery? Winning the lottery seems, to me, here, to be the most likely way of staying alive.

I think you are correct. Quantum tunneling of the type required will almost never happen. On the other hand, for every 14 million futures in which you don't win the lottery, there is one in which you do. 14 million < (close to infinity).

Going back to the OP, if there was a way for different parallel universes to interact with each other, we would have evidentially proved MWI by now.