Posted: Mar 14, 2011 3:46 am
by Skyforger
Why hasn't a self from another universe who bought into this bullshit jumped into me and explained this nonsense to me? Or did he steal from me my ability to be a billionaire? I'm a fucking asshole if I did, I probably stole my singing voice too. In fact, I lost an hour last night, I bet that was me stealing my talents (my previous working theory was that I was abducted by aliens, but this new evidence bears significant light on a new possibility that fully explains it).

Also, this scheme is brilliant. If anyone sues him and claims that his whatever doesn't work, he can explain it away as "You jumped to the self where you were a billionaire, I never claimed that your old identity ceased to exist. You are the part of you that was left behind, forever to be the loser that you are, sorry."