Posted: Mar 23, 2011 12:19 am
by Animavore
Remember I set up a dummy account to gain access to his website?

I just checked it after completely forgetting about it and it's full of spam.

From his assistant.

Hope you're week is going great. Burt and I have been crazy busy over
the last few days preparing for his upcoming video class with Vishen
Lakhiani of FinerMinds.

It's happening THIS Sunday.

(link to registration form)

In fact, Burt JUST got off the phone with Vishen and I overheard them
chatting about what to cover during the class and all I can say is...


Not only is Burt going to speak about WHY it took him over 30 years to
reveal his Quantum Jumping technique to the world, he's also going to
talk about what he's been working on in the past 1 year since it's initial
release - including some pretty powerful and advanced techniques.

So, even if you're already an experienced Quantum Jumper, you most
definitely don't want to miss this. Burt's been working really hard on
preparing some excellent material for you so I know he would greatly
appreciate your attendance!

I can hardly wait.

At the time I sent to him for information he promised a 5 or 6 part introductory course, or something like that. Well in amongst the 16 emails I've gotten from him and his assistant there are the first 3 parts of the course which don't say anything except that you can achieve so much by learning his secrets.

In the first part he links this.


Apparently he has a fan base of 90,000 people.