Posted: Mar 23, 2011 12:58 am
by Animavore
I like the personalisation of this email.

the stranger who changed Tom's life

No capitalisation or full stop - it reads.

Hi Tom,

"When a butterfly flaps its wings, could it cause a hurricane half way
across the world?"

It's fascinating how even the most insignificant events can create a
massive ripple across time, and change our lives in unsuspecting

Someone, somewhere, met their soul-mate because they missed
the bus by only a fraction of a second and bumped into them while
walking to work...

And someone got their dream job after a chance encounter with a
perfect stranger at the dry-cleaners...

And someone's life was spared when they decided to turn right at
that stop sign instead of proceeding through...

You get the idea right?

Everything in your life... your job, your partner, your possessions,
your friends... came to you through a series of insignificant events
that took you along the path towards where you are NOW.

When you think about it, you'll realize the connection between tiny
events (like missing the bus) and your ultimate destiny is totally

But consider this - what would your life would be like if all these tiny
events had unfolded differently?

What would have happened if you had got on that bus? Never met
that stranger? Proceed through that stop sign?

Would your life be better… or worse? Imagine what you could learn
about yourself and your choices if you had the ability to discover the
paths you *didn't* take.

It may sound unbelievable, but there is ONE way to find out and it
involves something called "Source Foundations..."

A simple yet powerful technique that you can use to discover your
hidden destiny.

This is revealed in Burt's Quantum Jumping video class.

[snip]link to above video.

Here's a quote from the comments on that video.

It's ridiculous how gullible people are. Let me guess, at some point it involves giving money to that Burt guy. Become a great photographer ! what kind of a test is that ?Why wouldn't he connect to his genius medical researcher self, and cure cancer !