Posted: Apr 01, 2011 1:04 am
by LucidFlight
pfrankinstein wrote:Very poor first impression of the forum, i mean, surely there must be some 'rational skeptics' with the ability to THINK analyse and use logic.

Well, provide something the skeptics here can work with. What you have said so far is a little abstract and tenuously linked. It needs more juicy filling. There's lots of puffy pastry, but no filling yet.

pfrankinstein wrote:Clearly our perspective, the way we view the subject of evolution has shifted,

Shifted how? More detail, please. Many of us here cannot read minds.

pfrankinstein wrote:so i ask can that perspective mutate, advance, become broadened out, shift some more.

How? Explain. Expand. Examples? More detail, please.

pfrankinstein wrote:Paul.