Posted: Apr 01, 2011 10:31 am
by Goldenmane
pfrankinstein wrote:
Goldenmane wrote:There might possibly be something in what you say, but I have not the faintest fucking clue what it might be because I cannot work out what the fuck it is that you are attempting to communicate. My advice to you is to start from the beginning, perhaps utilising things like paragraphs and context, rather than the incoherent disconnected babble we've seen thus far.

What part of the statement 'one bang = one process' are you struggling with?

Metaphorical supposition.

Is it possible to shake 'Darwin's tree' back to the big bang and forward into the minds of men, to see if an apple will fall.

Where did 'natural selection' come from Goldenmane?

Try to understand, if 'one bang = one process' then 'selection' must have began at the beginning.


You're still making no fucking sense.

I could try to work out what the hell you are attempting to drive at, but I don't actually give enough of a shit to bother. See, the thing about communication is that it is up to the person speaking to try to make some fucking sense - otherwise, it isn't communication, so much as making meaningless noise for (apparently) the purpose of self-satisfaction.

I'm all for masturbation, but I'm not so keen on seeing someone do it in public without an actual invitation. You could, for example, have posted a warning.