Posted: Apr 03, 2011 1:10 pm
by Mr.Samsa
pfrankinstein wrote:Everything new must be 'woo' or 'pseudoscience' poor assessment Mr Samsa.

I didn't say that everything new was "woo" or "pseudoscience", I said that your topic is not scientific - which it plainly is not. It's not parsimonious, falsifiable, or even vaguely coherent, you haven't built from previous work, explained what data you hope to account for that prior models fail to account for, and you haven't even attempted to explain how such an idea can be tested. For example, you suggest that the big bang can be understood in evolutionary terms, yet I'm unsure how the "change in allele frequencies in a population" applies to expansion of space and time. If you were merely suggesting that some kind of selection algorithm can act on the scale of universes, then you could discuss Lee Smolin's fecund universes and explain the similarities and differences of your own ideas.

I suggest you read the wikipedia page on science, and once you grasp a basic idea of what the field entails, give your idea another crack.

Thanks :cheers: