Posted: Apr 08, 2011 2:20 am
by pfrankinstein
John P. M wrote: To claim that there are evolutionary processes at work ever since the big bang is easy, but can you actually substantiate your claim? I very much doubt it.But calling the entire process 'evolution', and a form of Darwinian evolution with 'simpler' precursors, muddles the concepts and terminology used, and also leads to unwanted confusion that is already there in the minds of creationists, who have always thought that 'evolution' has been from the big bang and on.

Muddles how muddles. tis easy to understand.

Formidable foundational statement: "One Bang one process". One process = Evolution = leading theory.

Broad dissection of the "single process" by best logic , type of "Domain/material" = Punctuation = Clear division.

Dissection reveals Chiefly Three types of environment.

1,The laws of physics do the 'selecting' in the *vast inorganic universe* [*material domain].

2,On Earth organic life* [*material/domain] by Natural selection.

3, Cognitive selection.

The movement of selection outlined.

1, Newtonian Primal selection = Non-conscious = physics.

2, Natural selection = Unconscious/Sub-conscious.

3, Cognitive selection = Consciouse selection.

Cognitive selection related to Natural selection, YES. Natural selection related to Primal selction. [?LOL]

can you actually substantiate your claim?

Oh yes.