Posted: Apr 08, 2011 6:37 am
by byofrcs
pfrankinstein wrote:
byofrcs wrote:We can use the same idea of attraction and repulsion at any scale including living organisms and societies/culture. The side-effects of the information that accumulates comes from how societies attract or repulse.

Here's a question/thought for you sir.

Envisage a single chain of 'cause and selected effect' from bang to you, should one judge the chain in the 'positive', as good.

We measure in the positive 'survival of the fittest; not ' the extinction of the weak'.

Where I live the ticks have just started to come out. From a practical human point of view I don't view ticks as "good". They are very well adapted to their environment though. This is the survival of the fit.

Obviously the entomologists on this forum would measure ticks as a positive. They probably love these little guys. I don't.

From rock to life and on into the minds of men goes selection. What we choose, our cognitive selected stance/opinion with regard to the God question is very important.

The continuation of positive chain, atheist, agnostic, Christian?



I view the god questions like I do discussions about the technology on Star Trek. Though I have all of Star Trek series on DVD and I'm happy to discuss the ideas I don't view this as "very important". It certainly has little relevance to our existence as it is a fictional series. I view gods in a similar way. I have bibles like I have Star Trek DVDs. It is fictional and remains so until shown otherwise.

As with ticks and other parasites I don't view it as a positive chain to Christians. Others may.