Posted: Apr 08, 2011 11:35 am
by pfrankinstein
The_Metatron wrote:Come off it, Paul. You know how it works. You came here with conclusions. Then, when pressed about your hypothesis or method of testing it, you jump onto the "Everything new must be 'woo' or 'pseudoscience'" train. How about you diagram this for us? What's your hypothesis? How did you/do you propose to test it?

The theory can be tested by observation.

Name something that has not arisen by 'modification descent and by means of one the three types of selection' that i outline.

The supposition that the laws of physics count as the forerunner 'primitive type of selection' related to natural selection.

Fucking genius!

Move the thread out of "pseudoscience" now Samsa Meatatron!

Total Lack in faith in the ability of..... My interest wains, my approach lacklustre. I'm insulted move it today.