Posted: Apr 09, 2011 3:37 am
by Mr.Samsa

pfrankinstein wrote:Dissection = science procedure. "One bang one process" is a logical science supposition.

Move the thread moderators.


Pfrankinstein: Please stay on-topic, it has been explained to you why the thread is not going to be moved so your continued in-thread requests to move it are off-topic. Please keep in mind the Forum User's Agreement, particularly this section where you agreed to:

1.2. not cause harm or disruption to the forum or other members, for example please don't:

g. try to take threads off-topic

Be aware that continued derailing of your topic can result in further sanctions, so just stick to the topic. If you have any questions, then please PM me instead of posting them here (as your concerns will be off-topic).

Thanks. :cheers: