Posted: Apr 10, 2011 2:32 am
by Darwinsbulldog
pfrankinstein wrote:
hackenslash wrote:Haven;t you studied your pigeon chess strategies? It's the 'death by mod' gambit.

I was reading a very interesting thread in science just the other day it was entitled "Have We been here before" most scientific? :)

Do stay on topic hakenslash. What do you think of my supposition 'One bang one process'.

Do a lot of science theories start off as a 'What if'.


Why do you use the term "Darwinian Evolution"? Why not biological evolution [BE], chemical evolutionCE, cosmological evolution[CosE]? I am confused as to your intended meaning for these things.

For example, Darwin had no idea about the mechanism of inheritance, so he would not have known about genetic drift. Genetic drift can change gene frequencies, and hence influence evolution of the genome. Darwin was only aware of Natural selection, sexual selection and palaeo-biographical factors, not genetics. And in any case BE, CE, and CosE are different and have different drivers.