Posted: Apr 17, 2011 12:15 pm
by pfrankinstein
byofrcs";pForgive my naivety but... Seems to me the lead "G" question remains more or less the same; whilst shifting opinions find evermore complex labels/categories/sub-categories and like minded folk form groups.

[quote]Simple questions can be answered most simply "Yes", "No"; or "i don't know the answer, I'm still looking".

"G" Question = Atheist "No", Agnostic, Christian "Yes".


[quote="byofrcs wrote:
Christian are (generally) monotheist so the god question is actually No for all other gods except one God.

Yes, but Christians believe in 'A' God that places them in the affirmative 'Yes' category of the reductionist 'simple question simple answer. '

In no way is Christianity ever comparable to Atheism.

The 'yes' and 'no', Christian, atheist answer to the 'simple' question are poles apart. Opposite sides of the SAME coin, being answers to the same question both the types of belief systems can be compared. For example, Both atheists and Christians claim to know the unknown, in that regard both are as bad, or as good [depending on one's outlook] as each another.

These are not an evolution.

Everything evolves by descent with modification by means of 'a type' of selection, shaking Darwin's tree back to the big bang and forward predicts the observation.

Mankind journeys, on a one to one personal level, the man [you] ALSO journey by your own selection.


As an atheist i penned the science supposition 'One bang one process', i then broadly divided the one process logically by noting total difference in both material and domain.

The Process of Primordial evolution, the process of Darwinian evolution, Cognitive evolution.

Each process related to the other. Am i describing ONE process or THREE?