Posted: Apr 17, 2011 7:25 pm
by Macroinvertebrate
pfrankinstein wrote:
The supposition 'One Bang = One Process' = science, don't be fooled by the breadth of the framework.

LOL! Sorry, but you're dead wrong. Have you ever taken a science class?

pfrankinstein wrote:Are you unable to think for yourself?

Sure. Are you able to stop navel-gazing for a minute to put a coherent thought together?

pfrankinstein wrote:I've grown quite contented at being here in the pseudoscience thread, it means that i am allowed to express myself as i please.

Except that you have whined multiple times about this thread not being in the science section, so you are obviously not content. There's a reason this thread will never be moved to the science section...IT'S NOT SCIENCE. :naughty:

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