Posted: Aug 15, 2011 6:05 am
by tnjrp
twistor59 wrote:I believe Pitkanen has a bona fide mathematical physics training/educational background.
Indeed he is. Has a Phd in physics as I recall.

I don't think I'd be 100% confident in labelling him as a pseudoscientist, it's just that his work is so extremely left-field, it's impossible for mere mortals to penetrate.
Quite. It's also almost completely intractable for anyone not well versed in mathematics. As I said above, I've tried to read some of it but can't make out if all of that calculation, solid as it is in and of itself, really has anything to do with the real, observable world as Pitkänen claims. An actual matematician who has looked at his work seemed to be pretty much in agreement.

Obviously he says he has plently of empirical evidence (other than the Schnoll effect, that is) for his theory but the last time I know when somebody asked he didn't seem to want to present it :think:

It would help his credibility some if he didn't claim outright that his TOE actually solves almost all vexing scientific problems (including but not limited to the subject of consciousness) as well as create a new paradigm in physics.