Posted: Dec 11, 2011 7:10 am
by byofrcs
Paul G wrote:
Paul G wrote:Every seven years since my birth I've received a large blow to my left eye requiring stitches.

7, fell out of bed.

14, struck with a 9 iron.

21, Kick to the head.

28.....WHO KNOWS!????????

Nothing happened.

You never told us where you live !

Last Saturday morning I was making tea/coffee on the gas hob and the kettle handle broke. I sort of fixed it *again* but said "Stuff it I'll see if I can find a replacement at a charity fair we had planned to go to that afternoon". Actually I was naked at the time on way to bathroom so said more choice words whilst leaping back.

My Wife thinks the Tea God is very Happy because I did find a kettle. It was the only one in the place and it's a nice stainless steel 2 litre kettle for a hob that looks perfect once I polished it and poked the pin that was out of alignment on the spout.

Now the co-incidence. The kettle cost me 8 Euros with a bottle opener thrown in but I had 10 Euros and said they could have that (It's a charity show I go to each year and ultimately the charity I do work for would get a cut of all of this anyway) but they said 8 Euros so I got my change.

Yesterday about the same time that I bought my kettle I was at the supermarket and the lifts were slow so I decided to buy a lottery ticket mainly to see how the machines worked. In Italy since August you have to prove your age so they have added swipe card readers to the machines. Swipe a card (health card/credit card etc) and then it unlocks the coin discriminator and then you shove in your money. I never normally buy lottery tickets - about 1 per annum - and have got my kids doing the anti-lottery maths mantra saying how you are more likely to die from being struck by a car walking to the lottery than winning it and obviously how much the government takes a huge cut and so on.

I won 10 Euros.

Lol. Kettle is Free. See the Tea God exists.