Posted: Jan 16, 2012 12:56 am
by Shrunk
james1v wrote:Don't they all fail, live? Ive never seen a successful one yet. The mind boggles as to what she was thinking going live, and expecting a result. That's truly deluded. :crazy:

Thing is, it usually works. The person says "Yes! My daughter does have a name that beings with 'M'! (forgetting that the person is supposed to be dead) And she does have a boy in her class whose name begins with 'J'! And she has started taking dancing lessons after school! That must be the 'project' you're talking about. How did you know that? You're amazing!"

Her failure was not so much in not foreseeing anything, but in not doing the usual error recovery techniques to make her misses look like hits. I suspect the fact that the reporter was so clueless about anything to do with her daughter (hope she remembers to feed her) threw her.