Posted: Apr 08, 2010 3:06 am
by Calilasseia
Doing a bit of "meditating" of my own on the following ...

pcCoder wrote:Should this be taken as a confession to causing an event that resulted in the death of some people? Should he have charges of murder or manslaughter brought against him?

First of all, I think it would be a good idea if someone with access to a high-powered lawyer did sue this turbo-charged mouth on a stick over this. Because with the information now extant in the public domain, he has two choices. One, continue making the claim that his "meditation" triggered this earthquake, in which case he admits responsibility for death and destruction, and is thus criminally liable for said death and destruction. Or two, admit that he was bullshitting on a grand scale to stroke his ego, in which case the obvious corollary question is "and tell me, Mr Chopra, on what other occasions have you bullshitted people with respect to your assertions about meditation and various wacky quantum woo ideas of yours?"

Trouble is, I don't think anyone will put this to the test. Which means he'll continue to bullshit people like this in future, and continue to earn vast revenues by bullshitting people.

r.c wrote:I wonder whether he really believes what he says or just tries to exploit the gullible. I strongly suspect the latter.

This latest incident has a certain smell about it ... redolent of eau de jumping the shark, marking the point where he starts to believe the music of the spheres of his own verbal diarrhoea, and disappears up his own arse. Unfortunately, this could be a protracted process. And before it is complete, there could be moments of sufficient lucidity to continue bilking the rubes, before the condition becomes pathological enough to render him irrevocably and publicly ridiculous to his target audience. Though I suspect even if he were to appear tomorrow in Central Park naked except for a pair of soiled women's panties on his head, singing "I am a banana" over and over again, there would be some amongst the gullible who would regard this as merely being a new "meditation" ritual, and would start copying him.