Posted: Jan 30, 2013 7:41 pm
by tolman
Transilvanian wrote:What? :D Can I get a normal answer? :P
Why the so many significant results are ignored by the scientific comunity? The answer that: because the results can`t be reprodused is not a good answer (I think) because there are not only 10-20 researches with positive results. So, what is the answer? Are scientists close-minded and they are simply ignoring the results? Or there are much more negative results?


If there was a researcher who could reliably produce significantly better-than-chance results in well-conducted experiments, even if it might take them a little time to gather support, I'm sure they should be able to at least gradually collect enough supporters to make it possible for them to attract attention from initially disbelieving serious mainstream scientists and serious journalists.

If someone could reliably produce significant results but couldn't manage to gradually get people on their side by progressively convincing people with increasing initial levels of disbelief, then possibly they shouldn't have chosen a career in ESP research, since being able to convince people you have found something worthwhile if/when you do get good results would seem to be a necessary skill.