Posted: Jan 30, 2013 9:31 pm
by tolman
Transilvanian wrote:I want to know what is the reason why the significant results are not accepted by "the science".

Are there significant results which can be reliably demonstrated in a setting where there is no plausible explanation other than ESP (or something equally strange/inexplicable)?

If so, have people producing such results taken the fairly obvious steps needed to get their results more widely accepted, which is to find people they can show their experiments to who can examine their setup for flaws, who can then encourage other people to look at it, ultimately ending up with enough people convinced there are no flaws for the results to be generally accepted?

It is really the job of ESP researchers who think they have worthwhile results to go out and convince people who have understandable doubts, given the history of past frauds, and genuine researchers with flawed experiments.

For a start, I would have thought if someone had a setup whoch produced good results, they should maybe start off by trying to get other ESP researchers who are generally considered as honest people to come and look at their work and see if they can see any problems with it.

I'm sure if someone could get an increasing number of other ESP researchers to support their claims to have found some real effect, they would start to get noticed - if there was a united voice saying "Other scientists (and other interested parties) really need to come and look at this work" they could get some serious scientific and media interest.

If someone couldn't convince other ESP researchers to take them seriously...