Posted: Feb 04, 2013 7:54 pm
by tolman
Transilvanian wrote:There are a lot of institutes who studies these phonomen and tested them. Do you know some serious instituetes from these who said that they didn`t found results better then chance?

Do you know any 'serious institutes' who have been able to obtain significant positive results in particular experiments, and who have continued to obtain significant positive results after attracting the attention of people from outside the institutes?

No-one is under any obligation to prove ESP doesn't exist.

The people who think it does exist are under an obligation to demonstrate that it does if they want to be taken seriously by other people.

Any credible ESP researcher would know that, and would also know how to go about demonstrating ESP was real to people who understandable doubted that it was.
That is, however fickle ESP might be, the researcher should, via doing sufficient work, put themselves in a position where they could tell people who doubted it how long they should expect to have to observe future experiments in order to see significant results for themselves, having satisfied themselves that the experimental setup was free from flaws.

That would be a level playing field with regular science - someone claiming an effect in chemistry or physics should at the very least be in a position to tell people who doubt them how long they would have to observe future experiments in order to satisfy themselves that the claimed effect was actually happening.