Posted: Feb 07, 2013 6:13 pm
by Transilvanian
@ersby: So, in your oppinion if we would combine all, the tests, we wouldfind, that the results, are not bigger than chance?
If enybody knows other negative results, please post them! ;)

Why R. Whiseman said:
"In general, parapsychology appears to meet the implicit criteria of science, to a greater or lesser extent, rather better than it meets the criteria of pseudoscience... parapsychology fares reasonably well in terms of its scientific status, falling a little short on some of the benchmarks of good science but actually performing better than mainstream science on others"

Chris French
"In summary, on balance the ganzfeld meta-analyses seem to support a psi effect and by extension the hypothesis that reported paranormal experiences may sometimes be veridical, rather than based on cognitive deficits"
"there is sound phenomenological evidence of parapsychological experiences and experimental evidence of anomalous events
Is this true(in your oppinion)? :scratch: :coffee: