Posted: Feb 19, 2013 7:45 pm
by tolman
ersby wrote:
tolman wrote:Would there be much of a 'taboo' if it was being independently funded and done under scrupulously rigorous conditions where results couldn't easily be [rationally] dismissed whether positive or negative?

Well, I would hope so but the problem is how to interpret the results. A large-scale experiment (or several) would go some way to solving the problem I'd expect but, at the same time, a large-scale experiment would probably throw up enough data that other post-hoc analyses could find evidence (or a lack of evidence) of psi.

I'm not sure post-hoc analyses should be considered to be of any value unless it could be shown that their nature had been specified in complete ignorance of the data the experiment had produced, ruling out the possibility of an anlaysis being designed around the data.