Posted: Sep 18, 2013 11:38 am
by jerome
Kaleid wrote:

I once shared a house with a couple of witches. They were into the lot. And they burned a lot of fucking incense. They were massive fans of Most Haunted when it was on, but when an episode was over, they'd suddenly turn cynical - the presenters "were fakes, they obviously didn't really believe it, not like we do. We know!" Any expression of skepticism from myself on the subject of ghosties would be met by one of those patronising smiles and a weary shake of the head.

Can this supposed increase in belief in ghosts really be attributed to pop culture though? It's surely not just because of a TV show :ask:

Shame I never met them. (I worked on Most Haunted). I became very cynical about people who were cynical about Most Haunted (rightly so) and then went out and did exactly the same things! ;)

Obviously I am not a cynic, I am a bright eyed bushy tailed believer. I have not watched it yet, but here is the panel discussion on the future of ghosthunting where I am embarrassing... ...

j x