Posted: Oct 01, 2013 6:06 pm
by Transilvanian
Were the NRC's findings on remote viewing and StarGate project “predominantly negative”?

Although the findings of the National Research Council (NRC) were predominantly negative with regard to a range of paranormal phenomena, work on remote viewing has continued under the auspices of various government programs.


The NRC provided a thorough review of the unclassified remote viewing research through 1986. In this review (summarized in Swets & Bjork, 1990), the nature of the research methods led the reviewers to question whether there was indeed any effect that could clearly be attributed to the operation of paranormal phenomena.

Is this statement, about the findings of the NRC, true? Where are their findings reported?

Please don't simply answer, "Yes we have reliable witnesses who report that their findings were negative": because I want to know/evaluate/understand for myself some of the details of their findings.

What was concretely critised? Weren`t the findings significant, positive?