Posted: Oct 08, 2013 2:52 am
by MrFungus420
Transilvanian wrote:Now, I am interested in the researches of PEAR and the Stargate program.
Researchers from PEAR claim that they have found enough evidence for ESP.

Yet they never did double-blind studies and they considered a response of 50.02%, when a result of 50% was expected, to be significant. To put that into perspective, if we flip a coin 10,000 times, and heads shows up 5,002 times instead of 5,000.

They also rejected the advice to use a "state-of-the-art microbalance", capable of detecting variations of 1/1,000,000 of a gram (in other words, directly testing the ability) instead of using statistical analysis of people thinking at random number generators.

Transilvanian wrote:PEAR closed its doors at the end of February 2007 with its founder, Robert G. Jahn, concluding that after tens of millions of trials they had demonstrated that human intention can have a non-local effect on physical targets.[8] "For 28 years, we’ve done what we wanted to do, and there’s no reason to stay and generate more of the same data," Jahn said.

Pure nonsense.

Generating data is only ONE step. From there, you examine the data, come up with a possible explanation based on that data, and then try to validate (and/or invalidate) that explanation.

No scientist is going to spend 28 years collecting data from "tens of millions of trials" that they say supports their idea and then say that there is no reason to continue.