Posted: Nov 04, 2013 9:03 am
by Ihavenofingerprints
wakawakawaka wrote:hello there everyone I need some help debunking, there was this woman Johanna Michaelsen whom claimed that she had worked with a "real" psychic surgeon, and not ones debunked by randi, named pachita whom was able to cut people supposedly without any blood and transfer livers and other organs. And later Johanna claimed that all this pachita stuff was actually satanic! so can anyone help me with some debunking of this woman's claims? ive found some stuff and pictures of pachita online supposedly doing her surgeries and i dont know if she was just faking with these,but i would really like some help from people on this forum with a small investgation

Why does it matter if she claims she can perform psychic surgery? At the end of the day real surgeons probably earn more in a month than her psychic abilities could earn in a lifetime.

If a psychic offered to reveal the names of my ancestors to me, I'd decline the offer on the basis I can find that information for free without supernatural assistance.

People who claim to have a redundant supernatural ability need not to be debunked, when you can just demonstrate how inefficient their ability is. You can cure thousands of people several times over by training real surgeons, compared with a few random people using these psychics.