Posted: May 24, 2014 9:39 pm
by UndercoverElephant
This is for your entertainment only - no scientific validation is possible, it can't be repeated and you've only got my word that what I'm telling you is true, and that there was no "cheating." Suffice to say that for the person most directly involved, who is the only one who absolutely knows there was no cheating (although I 100% believe her), it was conclusive evidence that "something spooky is going on."

Last year I received only two birthday cards (I don't really do birthdays). I received the first one through the post a couple of days before my actual birthday. It was from my mother, and it had a picture on the front of some mice carrying some party supplies past the back of cat. Nothing spooky about that. My girlfriend lived in another town at the time, and came to visit me on my birthday, bringing with her a jar of pickle and a jar of jam she had made. She also hand-drew me a card, and in it she wrote "you're like...the pickle on my cheese, the jam on my scone." Cute. Later that evening I put the two cards on my mantelpiece. "Put it the right way up then!", she said (I had hers 90 degrees out). And at first nothing seemed odd.


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I'll let you see it for yourself, because it took a couple of minutes after seeing the first bit of it before the whole thing became clear for us.

There was no cheating. My girlfriend had not seen my mother's card, and she says she had decided at least two weeks beforehand what she was going to draw on the one she gave me. cat, who is a tabby very like the one in the picture, has now been nick-named "pickle." :)

As somebody who was a total non-believer in anything like synchronicity or "accidental mind-reading" until I was 33 (12 years ago), I can say that if I'd seen somebody make this claim before that time I would probably feel forced to conclude that somebody cheated - that my mother and sister conspired to play a well-intentioned "prank" on me, or something along those lines. If I knew there was no cheating I guess I'd have had to assume that it was just something exceptionally improbable that happened for no reason - after all some people get struck by lightning 50 times, don't they? :mrgreen:

It a funny old world.