Posted: May 24, 2014 10:29 pm
by UndercoverElephant
Weaver wrote:This is a great example of the mind seeking to draw patterns and connections.

Well, the human mind doesn't just "seek" to draw patterns and connections. It is very, very good at finding patterns and connections that are real. Millions of years of evolution have made sure of that.

First, you equate the string and an arrow.
Then, you say the cheese is in both bottom left corners - though the cheese in the first card is actually middle height. But it's sort of close, so you ignore the difference.
Next, you say the cat was drawn as a circle like the cookie - if you ignore the bits that aren't circular, then OK.
Finally, you equate a frosted cake with a scone.

If you ignore enough inconsistencies, then you can be easily drawn to think that what you have are a suspicious number of coincidences.

Yes. :evilgrin:

How many consistencies does one need? To be honest, the consistences are more than enough to have convinced a pre-33 UE to conclude that some sort of cheating had taken place, so I guess I should be happy that you're willing to believe that it didn't.

I should probably also repeat that I'm not expecting anybody to accept this as proof of anything. I think you needed to be there yourself for something like this to significantly alter your beliefs about causality/whatever.

This doesn't mean that there is actually anything suspicious there - any supernatural connection. It's just that we tend to remember things that seem to connect, and ignore all those things which don't. This is exactly why cold reading and other "psychic" BS works so well.

Although I could equally throw this back at you, as a believer in such things. The "flipped" version of it is that you're doing the exact opposite - finding ways to conclude that there's "nothing suspicious" going on. I could argue that no matter how many similarities there were, you would never believe there was anything more than an incredibly unlikely co-incidence.

The human mind is certainly a tricky customer. As is reality. :)