Posted: May 24, 2014 10:51 pm
by UndercoverElephant
Fallible wrote:My answer to your question in the thread title would be "yes, I think so". But as you say, perhaps you had to be there. My inkling is that there are certain rules in art which are adhered to in order to make a picture hang together or be more aesthetically pleasing, and these can lead to similarities in different compositions. Perhaps there's some of this going on, even if unconsciously. My question to you, UE, is what do you or your girlfriend think it signifies?

Well, I already believed that "this sort of thing" happened, so in terms of "proof" of anything causal or metaphysical, none was required for me. My GF, when I met her (18 months ago), told me she had never paid much attention to either science or religion (strange but true!), and so at first had trouble understanding why I was so interested in both of them and how they interact with each other. She was a "perfect agnostic" in that respect. The closest thing she had to any "woo beliefs" was that she did (and still does) a lot of yoga, but she did/does this because it helps her physically and mentally, not for any spiritual goal. The one thing she said was that she "didn't believe in God" and didn't like religious nutters, but even this was not a particularly strongly held belief.

When I met her and tried to talk to her about what I believe, she didn't know what to make of most of it, and that was OK, because I didn't need her to have strong beliefs about it anyway. But I did tell her to watch out for synchronicity - for unusual or particularly unlikely co-incidences, especially those loaded with meaning. There's no deep meaning in this example, but the nature of the co-incidence was such that it was very hard for her to deny it - she was the one who drew the second card, and she was there when we first noticed the similarities. So what is the significance? Well, she stopped being an agnostic regarding the existence of "spooky causality", for want of a better term. She went from being an agnostic to believing "something is going on", although she's probably still pretty agnostic about precisely what it is.