Posted: May 16, 2010 10:26 am
by campermon
jerome wrote:

I guess a good debate question might be "Ghosts exist and are more than misperception, delusion or imagination, but represent a phenomena currently unexplained by science". However Im happy to revise that, or for some one to come up with a better question - "Do Ghosts exist?" is brief and more to the point perhaps. If AE or Campermom are still interested I'd love to debate -- I accept happily. I'm out tonight with my girlfriend (whose PhD research is on this area) but will be about later. Campermom has already given a firm yes, but AE mentioned it first, but I am happy to have [u]a multi-participant debate[/u] if you chaps are? Eases the work load I guess! :)

j x

A threesome eh? :naughty2:

It's AE's call as he volunteered first.