Posted: Nov 09, 2015 6:42 pm
by Alexander1304
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I have personally not, although I cannot know. Some claim that we move through the universes constantly.But some(Kaku) claim these universes are disconnected and we cannot enter them...

Some people claim stuff. Other people claim other things. All of it is precisely fucking worthless unless it can be backed up by evidence which some other people can use to test the reliability of what is being claimed.

You see,Whitley Strieber claims to encountered parallel universes many times, and especially here : ... -encounter

He claims that UFO transferred his consciousness to other universes.But the reason we should believe him is that his wife was with him on 'this' trip and can confirm it.

Uh...huh...yeah...uh...huh Yeah, his wife confirms it so it must be true. Uh...huh...yep. I mean there's no reason she'd lie is there? It's not as though she'd blow her husband's bestselling potboiler gig by saying it was all bullshit?

You know,I told this story (that his wife confirmed his trip) to my family physician ,he couldn't stop laughing.He couldn't believe I could seriously believe this...Especially suspicious looks his version of how it was done.UFO transferred his and his wife's consciousness to other universes...Weird...