Posted: Dec 25, 2016 1:59 pm
by Clive Durdle
What I am discussing is how intelligence and bodies cannot be separated- the octopus is the classic example, but how we perceive the universe is utterly dependent on our senses, and abilities to handle and move.

Artificial intelligence will not get it until it is also going through all human developmental processes including epigenetics and the whole system processes that we are - we are not things but verbs. Some sci-fi has got this - complex adaptive dynamic systems.

On Descartes, we reify sight, when that is a klugy process. We are too used to framing things, in photography, tv, film. But our critical sense is actually touch, all the senses are specialisms of skin, which is about relations with the surrounding world and universe.

So if we find aliens, communicating with them will be about working out how they relate to the universe, with their set of senses and prostheses.

Computers are a blind alley - they are too specialised in a very small set of ways of interacting with the universe.