Posted: Apr 25, 2017 4:58 pm
by wakawakawaka
In case you guys don't know Johanna Michaelsen is a Christian fundamentalist who claimed to have worked with a psychic surgeon and after in Satanic Ritual Abuse. She had been mentioned several times on this forum and I wish to refute and clear up this mess she created once and for all so that people know they are dealing with a faker.

I had gone out of my way to research Johanna and the psychic she she realized it was "satanic" became a Christian fundamentalist who believed supposedly worked with.

Here is what I found

1) Stanley Krippner, who was mentioned in her book said his friend Montague Ullman had visited the same psychic and tested the blood and guts from the surgery and they were from animals. This was from a personal email I had with him. As well a Mexican skeptic, Mauricio-José Schwarz I talked with claimed even during her Hayday Pachita was accused of using animal parts

2)Also the musician *Charles Mingus had visited the same psychic johanna had worked with for a cure for ALS. There was no evidence that the surgery had taken place, no marks no scratches, not one drop of blood. Also the psychic kept on prescribing quack diets and Mingus died a few months after seeing the psychic. Page 107, Better Git It in Your Soul: An Interpretive Biography of Charles Mingus, 2016, Krin Gabbard

3)Also the origin story the psychic told Johanna and the director Alejandro Add to dictionary contracts each other. Page 122 of Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelsen vs The Dance of Reality: A Psychomagical Autobiography (Magic Masters Shamans) Alejandro Jodorowsky

4)Johanna claimed that there was a magic light on page 92 of her that allowed her to see all surgeries super clearly but other visitors claimed it was so dark they couldn't see anything at all. Even quacks like Alberto Villido as well as people who accompanied Andrjia Puharich claimed it was too dark to really see anything and that all sorts of fraud could have taken place.

5) Her own testimony that she gives as presentations sometimes contradicts her book.

6) This one is a little silly but I found someone online who asked Hal Lindsey who wrote the forward to her book and asked Hal about Johanna's story and Hal was apparently very vague about it. sustainedreactiondotyukudot/topic/5840/The-Death-of-Charles-Mingus?page=1

7) Her (step?) children seem to promote not only Yoga (she rallies against Yoga all the time) but appear to support progressive websites like Daily Kos (Social justice is of the devil!), suggesting that those with behind the scene knowledge aren't convinced of her truth

8) Another lunatic "scientist" Jacobo Grinberg claimed that Pachita the psychic Johanna Michalesen worked with can spawn organs for transplant OUT OF NOTHING. While Johanna claimed Pachita needed to buy them from the local morgue. Is it a power that Pachita needs to save up mana to use?

9) There is another lunatic Scientist in Memories of a Maverick, the biography of Puharich that claimed Pachita the psychic did a BRAIN TRANSPLANT. Which basically means she brought a dead guy back to life, so what was so special about Jesus coming back from the dead then huh?

10) She STLL promotes SRA 20 years after its been debunked, and as well claims to be an "expert" on the occult despite pushing lies like on the origins of Halloween, Rammerstein causing the columbine massacre etc....

I am making this list because Michaelsen's story had bothered me for years and I need to a place to refute it once and for all, also because I hear she is trying to republish her work so that a new generation of children will be terrorized and this could be a place they find to refute.

If anyone here was a former fundie or knows something about Michaelsen/her psychic friend let me know!