Posted: Apr 27, 2017 4:24 pm
by wakawakawaka
another one

11) She claims that tumors cut out of patients smell like rotting meat, but even large cancers don't always have a smell comparable to rotting meat according to actual cancer doctors. Not even if they do have extensive necrosis. And the size that a "psychic surgeon" handles is small enough to be palmed by him (this is a close up setting) is not what would be considered a large cancer which would be prone to extensive necrosis.

but there is one last thing I want people to take a look at, some one in 2006 acutally bothered to make a film about the psychic mentioned by Michaelsen.There are photos of that said psychic from from about 30:00-34:00 in this video https.//

one of the pictures shows the psychic supposedly doing back surgery, the director provided an enhanced shot, not only does there seem to be something strange underneath a piece of the cotton, something long and stiff but also the flow of blood seemed to be a bit strange, if you notice at the edge of the back being operated on the blood seems to flow in a curved direction, unlikely if the blood was really coming from the spine.

can anyone confirm my theory, is my analysis of the photos accurate?