Posted: May 01, 2017 3:49 pm
by wakawakawaka
Pebble wrote:
wakawakawaka wrote:
Pebble wrote:
wakawakawaka wrote:ok but there is one last thing I want people to take a look at, some one in 2006 acutally bothered to make a film about the psychic mentioned by Michaelsen.There are photos of that said psychic from from about 30:00-34:00 in this video

one of the pictures shows her supposedly doing back surgery, the director provided an enhanced shot, not only does there seem to be something strange underneath a piece of the cotton, something long and stiff but also the flow of blood seemed to be a bit strange, if you notice at the edge of the back being operated on the blood seems to flow in a curved direction, unlikely if the blood was really coming from the spine.

can anyone confirm my theory, is my analysis of the photos accurate?

All I can see are some rather poor quality black and white photos, who knows what is happening there.

I am talking about the close up of the back surgery shot, the quality of that one is "better" I guess I was hoping I wasn't seeing things

Can't help you there, having looked at everything between 30 & 34, there is absolutely nothing that is of sufficient clarity to help. Merhaps your imagination is filling in the blanks.

the enchanced photo of the back surgery? the blood on the left corner seems to be flowing in an arc, if it really was blood from the spine would It flow that way?