Posted: Nov 21, 2018 10:53 pm
by Wortfish
I have just had my fourth reading with my late cat:

The information provided was even more impressive:

1. The cat expressed frustration that I changed medium and sent a pain in the throat of the psychic that indicated to him (a Brit) that the cat wanted to speak to the American medium I had initially contacted. I never told him I had consulted someone else.

2. The cat is still in the house and likes to investigate a white bowl in the corner. Indeed, there is a white drinking bowl for the other cats in the corner of the kitchen.

3. The cat told the medium that he was received upon death by a lady called Josephine. He said she was either my mother or grandmother. Indeed, my late grannie was called "Josie".

The medium also warned me that the cat is currently receiving healing for his period of physical sickness which affected him spiritually also. Once he has been restored, he will make more "appearances" in the house like how I experienced in the first few weeks.