Posted: Dec 12, 2019 4:29 pm
by BlackBart
ORZIL wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:This forum is: General Debunking ‹ Paranormal & Supernatural

There is no solid evidence for Paranormal and Supernatural, that's why it's in the General Debunking subforum.

Desenmascarar - it's a nice word in Spanish, like stripping away the flashy make-up to expose the ugly reality.

a phenomenon

Oh dearie me, ORZIL stumbles at the first fence.

'Phenomenon' isn't a spoooky word for ghostie, it means something that has actually been observed. If you can't provide evidence for something, it ain't a phenomenon.

it happens to me

Aaaand we're to's like watching one of the ordinary bunnies in the Duracell ad slowly going round in a circle.

on the shoulders

Yeah, you know goosebumps are a merely a physical response to fear? Or maybe you need to turn up your central heating.

the mental prayer
do the yawns

ORZIL; Puttin' the 'bad poe' in 'bad poetry'.