Posted: Mar 11, 2010 1:46 pm
by Aern Rakesh
jerome wrote:Thanks Nora that is an extremely interesting webpage you have there, and that is a truly fascinating experience! Are you still in touch with the lady? Don't the americans call a type of notepad a tablet? A golden tablet! how apt! :)

j x

As you might have gathered, I'm very interested in the 'meaning' of these experiences for the individuals concerned. I'm not in touch with her, no. But it was very interesting talking the experience through with her.

I've had lots of strange experiences, including one where I woke up to find a small version of the alien monster in my bedroom! Talk about terror! If you want to read about that one, you can read about it here. (Warning: that article contains imagery from astrology for which I make no apology! :smile: )