Posted: Mar 11, 2010 1:49 pm
by jerome
War Arrow wrote:Thanks for the PM, jerome - I used to be hook, line and sinker for all sorts of preposterous stuff, and not necessarily in a good way, but the thing of possible value (or at least interest) that I took from all that were writings by T.C.Lethbridge - before anyone starts thumping tubs, they are writings and not presented as scientific papers, yes... I know - anyway, amongst his numerous implausible but nonetheless extremely well argued points was the idea of places or objects having the facility to record things which are then triggered by certain people. That still places the experience all very much in the mind of the beholder, and I honestly don't know what to think beyond finding it interesting.

I like old Lethbridge - more for his archaeological work than his "ghouls" nd "pendulums" though Still I often say "above and a bit to the right" for no apparent reason - it's a line from TC! :) Lethbrige was a clever guy, if a tad eccentric :) His idea is pretty much that suggested by Myers which was developed by Nigel Kneale (of "Quatermass" fame) in to the "stone TApe Theory". And if Carl Sagan could make a majort contribution to the study of UFO abductions (and he did) why not? :)

j x