Posted: Mar 22, 2010 5:43 pm
by mark1961
Shortish answer. 1999 Marazion, Cornwall, Solar Eclipse literally washed out by bad weather. Still a fantastic experience. Went a bit wobbly when I "kinda sorta" saw God. Not actually saw or heard him but felt a presence an all-knowing, loving, infinite sort of presence. Then a few seconds later it "went on it's way" and I was left with tears running down my face.

A weird day. No sleep the previous night due to trip down there on a "historic" 1950's vintage rail carriage. The trip was organized by a group of train enthusiasts.

As hallucinations go that was a good un' I guess. Never done drugs or had a mental illness. Except for those few moments when the latter might apply temporarily.

The experience of being in totality under near total cloud cover might be disappointing in most respects but it was a fascinating show in it's own right. Unreal lighting, shimmering clouds made it look like a scene from Close Encounters and the aliens were on final approach. Watching it from a big bay like that certainly added to the "Film Set" look of the thing as well.

Annnd it got me onto Page 3 of The Sun! They did a big report of it the next day the boobies had to wait for the day after you see and I can be seen from a distance in a big crowd photo. Def. me though. I remembered where I sat and recognized my duffel bag and raincoat.